Astoria Warrenton - Pure Character

2017 Messiah Sing-Along and Play-Along

11/26/2017 - 11/26/2017
For over 10 years, North Coast Chorale has sponsored the community Messiah Sing-Along /
Play-Along to benefit local food banks. There are a variety of ways one can enjoy this afternoon
of musical enchantment. Firstly, one can simply listen to the choruses and arias sung by the
Chorale and the soloists. Or, if one is inclined to join in and sing, scores will be available in the
lobby of the venue. Instrumentalists are also invited! Please bring an instrument and “Play
Along” with the accompanist to create a delightful atmosphere for everyone.  Admission is FREE, but donations of food and/or money are requested.  All proceeds will go to the CCA Regional Food Bank, which supplies our local food banks
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