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Frances Stilwell: Oregon’s Botanical Landscape - CPHM

7/18/2017 - 7/18/2017

The Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum is honored to present an exhibition of 82 paintings representing the native plants of Oregon's eight Ecoregions by Frances Stilwell.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Stilwell received her Master of Science degree in Botany-Biophysics in 1967 and moved to Oregon in 1969. After moving to Oregon, Stilwell realized the way to define her new home was by learning the native plants, and calling on her natural inclinations, began to draw them.

Since then, Stillwell has published two books related to Oregon native plants including the exhibition's companion book Oregon's Botanical Landscape: An Opportunity to Imagine Oregon Before 1800. In the book's foreword Stilwell writes "This is my window into Oregon's botanical landscape. By the end of this book I will have shown you what it is like to experience the State through the human eye rather than the lens of a camera. You will have become more familiar with the natural world of Oregon. Familiarity is the first step towards a sense of home." Over half of the Oregon's Ecoregions extend into Washington State." said CPHM Director Betsy Millard. "We couldn't pass up the opportunity to exhibit this extraordinary body of work. It reinforces our shared natural history that binds us regardless of state lines."

The exhibition is primarily comprised of pastel drawings with some oils and watercolors. It will be on view from May 12 through July 8.

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