Astoria Warrenton - Pure Character

Find Your Fungi: Foraging in Astoria & Warrenton

The forests around Astoria and Warrenton provide prime conditions for growing an amazing variety of fungi, ripe for the picking! Commercial picking is prohibited, but harvesting small amounts of mushrooms for personal use is permitted on public lands, like Fort Stevens State Park. Foraging is prohibited in campgrounds and private property, so always be aware of your surroundings and respect public land boundaries. Most importantly, keep in mind that many edible mushrooms have poisonous look-alikes. You should always bring a mushroom identification book to help positively identify any mushroom species before picking, or even take a guided Wild Mushroom Hike before going out solo. Before consuming any mushrooms, they should be cooked and eaten in small quantitie to ensure safety.

Peak foraging seasons depend on weather, mushroom species and other factors, but Oregon Coast foraging is generally best in the fall and spring. You can find a map and more identification tips from Fort Stevens State Park here, or visit The Oregon Mycological Society for additional resources. 
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