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Never Say Die

The Goonies Guide to Astoria and Warrenton

Hey you guuuuys!! From Kindergarten Cop to Short Circuit, Oregon’s North Coast has been host to a number of great 80s and 90s films, but only one has gained cult status: The Goonies. Explore the scenes for yourself, revel in the nostalgia of Mikey and the gang’s epic voyage, and you’ll soon find that in Astoria, Goonies never die. 
Scout the spots: Take a self-guided tour of the “goondocks” movie scene locations throughout Astoria, do the Truffle Shuffle in view of the Goonies house, have an ice cream at the bowling alley and relive the jail break at the old Clatsop County Jail, now the Oregon Film Museum. See if you can identify some of the more obscure locations, including the Flavel House and the football field on 20th and Franklin. Download the audio tour here.

** ** Please be respectful of private and personal property when visiting film locations.  For a view of the Goonies House, please visit the Astoria Riverwalk where it is visible between Safeway and 37th street or Columbia Baseball field, adjacent to Highway 30 at 35th street.  Location for alternate viewing areas are marked on this map. ** The alternative viewing site from the Riverwalk near the Comfort Suites is easily accessed and provides a great view of the Goon Docks hillside - and sea lions when they are in town!**

Take-two: Fans will recall the Oregon Film Museum from its past life as the Clatsop County Jail, where Jake Fratelli makes his fiery escape in the opening scene of The Goonies. Today, visitors can recreate their favorite Goonies moments in their own feature film, browse the Goonies gallery and even take their own mug shot. 

Save the date: Recurring annually on June 7, fans flock to Astoria for the annual Goonies Day celebration, a weekend of treasure hunting, group truffle shuffles, trivia scavenger hunts and more. Mark your calendars for June 5-7, 2015: The 30th anniversary of the film will include cast and crew reunions (pending their availability), film screenings, fan gatherings, filming location tours and much more. It’s sure to be the biggest bash yet! 
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