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The Goonies

Need a little inspiration to plan your Astoria-Warrenton getaway? We’ve made it easy to create the perfect trip with these tips and itineraries for everything from long weekends to half a day.

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    Never Say Die

    The Goonies Guide to Astoria and Warrenton Hey you guuuuys!! From Kindergarten Cop to Short Circuit, Oregon’s North Coast has been host to a number of great 80s and 90s films, but only one has gained cult status: The Goonies. Explore the scenes for yourself, revel in the nostalgia of Mikey
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    Connect with the Goonies Fanbase

    We love these communities of Goonies fans and enjoy being a part of making dreams come true for visitors to our community that want to visit the locations or hear stories about the filming.  We've seen new friendships forged through this connection to the film, and even a few marriages!&nbs
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    Gear up with Goonies

    Looking for a way to show off your Goonies pride?  Look no further than these gift shops in the Astoria Warrenton area. Astoria Warrenton Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center The Chamber has teamed up with Warner Bros. to license Astoria-centric Goonies merchandise for nearly 10 years. 
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    Goonies Day 2014

    Goonies Day is recognized every year on June 7 in Astoria, Oregon!Celebrate beloved film, The Goonies, in the town it was filmed – Astoria, Oregon! As a part of the Goonies 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2010, Mayor Willis Van Dusen declared June 7 to be officially recognized as Goonies Day.
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