Grab your Aquanet, slip on your jelly shoes and moonwalk down to the Labor Temple last Sundays in February, March and April for Trivia that you know the answers to! $2 per person to play and all cash is paid out to winning teams. special points for: Best Costume and Best Team Name. VEGAN Pop-Up with Astoria chef Jared Mitchell Sunday night at LT means: $1 tacos, Happy hour 4-close(11pm). DJ to follow trivia! What to expect? Please show up by 6:30 with a team name and names of folks on your team. Please do not change your name once you've signed up. Signups will be at the DJ booth. Please have $2 cash for each team member at time of sign up. (sign ups 6:30-6:45 or we reach 15 teams, whichever comes first) There will be 3 rounds. Between rounds we will ask random 80s questions for chances to grab some fun prizes. This is done by raising hands, so we'll do the best we can to figure out who gets his/her hand up first. The third round has five questions followed by 5 "Name That Tune" songs. Teams can gain additional points by winning the 'best costumed' team, the best team name, and the Wild Card Round which will feature lypsyncs. Let's have some fun! Your host is an authentic 80s kid!