About this Event

Baked Alaska and Chef Outta Water's Chef Chris Holen is proud to welcome Chefs David Crews and Stewart Robinson of Mississippi's Delta Supper Club for a Southern family style dinner, followed by a live performance with Steve Azar.

This event is presented by Baked Alaska, Chef Outta Water & Paul Mitchell and proudly sponsored by Warrenton Kia, Sowins Real Estate and Property Management, Hits 94.3 KRKZ, The Astoria Branch of US Bank and Van Dusen Beverages

Following an intimate performance and food event here in Astoriain early 2018, Steve helped put in motion a Chef Outta Water and Delta Supper Club collaboration taking Chef Holen on a food adventure to the Mississippi Delta. A dining event was held in the middle of a park in Greenwood, Mississippi in October 2018 featuring a globally inspired menu using the ingredients of the Mississippi Delta. Watch the Video

After 18 months in the making, it's time to return the favor. The Delta Supper Club will partner once again with Chef Outta Water this time in Astoria, Oregon. In the DSC's spirit of hosting dining events in historic locations, the RIVER2RIVER event will take place on March 14th at The Astoria Armory

About or Guests

Steve Azar. Steve Azar was born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi at the entrance to the Mississippi Delta. His mother was raised above the family grocery store located on Highway 61 in Clarksdale, MS near the infamous “Crossroads”. “The Crossroads” is the intersection of Route 61 and Route 49, or the 61/49 split as they call it there, in Clarksdale, Mississippi, made famous in the Robert Johnson song, “Cross Road Blues”. This is where Delta Blues legend Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for mastery of the blues, or so the story goes. Mom’s younger brother grew up to be the mayor of Clarksdale, MS. Two of Steve’s cousin’s, Abe and Pat Davis, own and operate the famous Abe’s barbeque. Located right at the 61/49 split, Abe’s is also where you see the famous “Crossroad’s” sign with the huge guitars. Rock and Blues legends from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Clarksdale to stand at the Crossroads, and many stop in for a bite at Abe’s while they are there. Abe’s is famous, and delicious. Steve’s dad owned the first legal liquor store in the state. Behind that liquor store is where Steve first learned about the blues music of the Delta. Learn more about Steve Azar.

Chef David Crews. "I am a father to two beautiful children and a husband to a beautiful woman who loves and supports all my crazy ideas. I am a chef in title but will always be a line cook at heart. I have been a staple on the culinary staff for the Southern Foodways Symposium since 2008, a celebrity chef for Holland American Cruise Line, a culinary Instructor at Mississippi Delta Community College, an executive chef for both Six Shooter Land and Timber and Merrimac Farms (two top flight hunting camps) and a private chef for events featuring Morgan Freeman, Herbie Hancock, Rosanne Cash and Justice Antonin Scalia. I was named the King of American Seafood 2013. I competed on Season 2 of Food Network’s "Cutthroat Kitchen" (and got kicked off during the second round for my Pad Thai being “too spicy”-- come on Jet Tila!). I was featured in Simon Majumdar’s book Fed White and Blue. I owe my career to the great chefs that came before me, like John Currence, Derek Emerson and Kelly English. I am a decent golfer but elite beer drinker. I live by a statement that I once heard John Currence say, “My food doesn’t tickle your palate, it punches you in the face!” Learn more about David Crews

Chef Stewart Robinson. "I grew up in Jackson Mississippi but grew up hearing stories about the Delta from my Grandfather who grew up in Holly Bluff. When I moved back to Mississippi with my wife and daughters and had the opportunity to work and hunt through out the Delta I fell in love with it. I work as a Chef and Guide with my business parter Cameron Dinkins at Esperanza Outdoors at Linden Plantation. Through our experiences at Linden and across the Delta the dream of the Delta Supper Club emerged." Learn more about Stewart Robinson