Friends and colleagues will be recounting the story of Gordon Huggins. Huggins sadly passed away March 22, 2019. Huggins was on board the the USCG lifeboat Triumph when tragedy struck. Five crew members and two fishermen, Bert and Stanley Burgman of Ilwaco, were lost at the Columbia River Bar. Huggins, a young engineman looking for experience, was below swxk when disaster struck at Peacock Spit. His account of capsizing in 35 food seas and washing ashore near the North Head Lighthouse is documented and worth hearing. Salty Talk presentations are located upstairs in the Salt Hotel and Pub, located 147 Howerton Ave on the Ilwaco waterfront. The event is free to the public and starts at 6:30 p.m. Come early or stay late for those wanting to grab dinner or beverage. Seating is limited. No reservations. For more information please contact Stephen Wood at 360-642-3029, or Julian Orr at 360-642-7258, Salty Talks are in partnership with the SALT Pub & Hotel, Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, and Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, with support from Friends of Columbia River Gateway.