Grant's Getaways: Astoria walkabout

By Grant McOmie / Published at


I'm a big believer that of all the inviting qualities that Oregon has to offer – from stunning scenery, rich and varied foods and exciting recreation --- above it all, it's the spirit of the place – embodied by our citizens that sets Oregon apart –

I recently joined Gerry Frank; a man who gets a kick out of helping us make the right connections with our home state---at the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria --- and he's been at it for much of his nine decades --- he is one of Oregon's first citizens and he enjoys traveling the back roads and byways searching for new adventures to share with his readers.

Few can boast of a passion for their home state as deep and long lasting as Gerry Frank's love for Oregon! At 91, he does not know the meaning of taking a break as Oregon's unofficial travel ambassador – Frank owns an unmatched knowledge of Oregon that is fresh, engaging and honest!

You'll discover the same when you take a gander through the latest edition of his homage to his home state, "Gerry Frank's Oregon!"

"It's all about stores, restaurants and hotels and varied statewide attractions, said Frank. "The book is also full of interesting lore about various communities, places for kids to go and all of that stuff."

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