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Let’s go outside and explore!

Astoria and Warrenton are home to dozens of outdoor spaces with plenty of room to spread out, breathtaking views to behold and opportunities to connect with nature. Most of our trails are suitable for beginners and can be a great way to spend an hour or most of the day. Any time of year is great for exploring the trails, if you are prepared for how weather may impact the trail surface and you’ve dressed appropriately for the rain, wind or sun. (Go ahead, jump in a puddle just like when we were kids!) Each season brings with it a change in scenery as birds migrate in and out of the area, foliage drops or blooms, and the wildlife is dynamic. Bring the family, plan a date day, or pencil in a solo adventure to relax among the trees, listen to the rhythm of the water and breathe it all in.

Sign up for the Astoria and Warrenton Trail Adventures Pass and use it as your guide to find and conquer some of the most loved trails in our area. 

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