Oregon's North Coast Craft Beer Trail

Rules & Restrictions

Be sure to read the rules of the Beer Trail before you head out to partake. Remember to ask your server to enter that location's unique redemption code in your mobile passport before leaving that location. Once you have redeemed at the required number of the locations within a year from the date of your first redemption, then stop by the one of our three redemption sites during their operating hours to receive your free mug. You must be 21 years old or over to receive the gift. Many of the locations are family-friendly, but some may not be able to accommodate people under the age of 21, so please plan ahead.

Before you depart on the Beer Trail, identify who your designated driver will be or check schedules and rates of buses or other public transportation options to ensure your (and others) safety in getting home. We do NOT encourage driving yourself while making stops along the Beer Trail.

  1. You must be 21 or over to participate in the North Coast Craft Beer Trail. Please drink responsibly.
  2. Each person redeeming a prize needs his/her own completed Beer Trail mobile passport or a physical passport card. The mobile option was launched in November 2020. Your redemption locations can assist in combining credit from a physical card to a mobile passport.
  3. The logo mug will NOT be given for an incomplete (less than 12) Beer Trail passport. Each participating brewery has varying hours of operation.  Be sure to check individual hours before heading to your selected destination. You can take up to a full year to complete your passport.
  4. When visiting a participating stop along the Beer Trail, you can successfully redeem at that location by having your server enter their unique code into the mobile passport on your phone, once you have utilized the discount on your purchase. Some locations may opt to verbally give you the code to enter into your phone yourself to reduce cross-contamination.
    Don’t forget to have your server enter their redemption code while you are at their location. The other redemption sites are not able to do this for you except for their own code.
  5. Prizes will not be mailed. They must be redeemed in person.
  6. The passport is valid for one year and your year timeframe to redeem starts the day of your first redemption at one of the participating stops (not from the date you download the passport).
  7. The mobile passport is free to download, but we encourage you to support the locations along the trail with purchase of food or beverage, beer or non-alcoholic.
  8. Most locations allow underage children on premise, but please check their websites before you go for potential underage hours and offerings. Minors are not eligible to complete a North Coast Craft Beer Trail passport.
  9. There are many alternatives to driving yourself around while participating in the Beer Trail including designated drivers, buses, hotel chauffeurs, and walking routes. We do NOT encourage driving yourself while making stops along the Beer Trail.
  10. The North Coast Craft Beer Trail is an ongoing passport and the composition of the Beer Trail and its guidelines are subject to change without notice at any time, as are the specific discounts offered at some of our participating stops on the Trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we purchase the mug?
Currently the logo mug is not available for purchase. You need to earn them by participating in the passport.  Each location may have a selection of their own glasses and merchandise you may want to consider.

Does it matter what order I receive my stamps in?
No. It might help to plan your route to end before the close of the redemption point you have chosen.

How can I get around the “Oregon North Coast Craft Beer Trail” Passport without driving?
Whether it be on foot, by train, by car, by bus or any combination thereof, you’re bound to experience a good time on the Oregon Coast Craft Beer Trail. Some locations can be easily done on foot or by a combination of travel options. Our local bus service connects our entire Trail area, check their schedule at this link.  If you use a car, please have a designated driver. 

Do I have to do this all in one day?
No. The pass is active for one year from the date of your first redemption (not when you download it.)  It’s important to keep in mind, too that you don’t overdo it. No purchase is necessary to complete the Beer Trail, all you’ve got to do is check-in at each location. (Though we hope that you will support these and other businesses along the way.) It’s probably not wise to attempt the entire North Coast Craft Beer Trail in one day. Luckily, Oregon's North Coast is home to many great hotels & motels, campgrounds, vacation rentals, and even B&Bs. Find your perfect place to rest up along the Trail by visiting one of our travel websites.


Disclaimer: the hours for location, transportation, etc. were current at time of printing, but all are subject to change. Please use the Facebook contacts, web pages or phone for each entity to verify the most current schedules.

The “Oregon’s North Coast Craft Beer Trail” Passport is a Registered Trade Mark. All rights reserved.