You can find quality craft beer flowing in Astoria and Warrenton any day of the year, but every February, stouts take center stage. During Stout Month, Fort George Brewery, Rogue, Astoria Brewing Company, Buoy Beer Company and other participating Astoria & Warrenton bars and brewpubs offer expanded and limited-time selections of this notoriously strong, dark and delicious beer. You can embrace Astoria’s dark side by visiting anytime during Stout Month, or plan your trip around the Festival of the Dark Arts for a weekend of dark beer, dark arts and other shenanigans at Fort George Brewery.
What makes a Stout?
The stout moniker originally referred to the strongest, darkest porter beers, and it wasn’t until the second half of the 19th century that recipes and brewing processes for porters and stouts began to diverge. Today, the difference between a stout and a porter depends on who you ask. To us, stouts are usually smoother and thicker than porters, which we think of as more of an extra dark ale. Porters sometimes have slight carbonation, while stouts tend to have a creamier finish.
When you visit Astoria and Warrenton during Stout Month, you can learn all about stouts from the experts –the brewers themselves.
“This is our way of showcasing the incredible variety of flavors you can get from this style of beer,” explains Jack Harris, Fort George Brewmaster and the creator of Stout Month. “The shortest and darkest month of the year is the perfect time to sit down and enjoy a stout.”
Starting February 1st, Fort George releases dark ales throughout the month so every week the tap lists around the block are changing.  Enjoy a stout or two*, or even six – samples, that is, if you opt for a tasting tray from one of the participating breweries. Spread out over 29 days or a couple of weekend visits, you just might be able to try them all.

Festival of the Dark Arts    (Tickets go on sale in November and sell out quickly.)
In the midst of an entire month of stouts, Festival of the Dark Arts takes over the entire Fort George Brewery block annually on a Saturday in February. In addition to tantalizing your taste buds with Fort George’s entire catalog of stouts and guest breweries selections, the festival will excite all of your senses with fire play, tattoo artistry, belly dancing, tarot card reading, metal forging, live music and more.
You can find more information here
In addition to Fort George Brewery, most Astoria and Warrenton breweries, brewpubs and bars will offer stout specials throughout the month. And there are plenty of things to do in Astoria, Oregon in between beers. Explore what the region has to offer for family fun, outdoor hiking, and art scene attractions to complete your trip itinerary.
*As stouts boast stronger alcohol content than most other beers, it’s especially important to plan ahead for safety during Stout Month! Stay at one of our walkable hotels or call taxi service from any Astoria, Oregon brewery or bar.